You have reached the homepage of our unannounced fir2t VR game pro1ect:

A VR Interactive Cinema experience

Coming in 2022

Epic MegaGrants recipient

We are thrilled beyond words to be able to announce that in December of 2021, this project was selected to receive an Epic MegaGrant!  This MegaGrant is enabling us to hunker down and focus on getting the game done and ready for release. We are honored and extremely grateful to Epic Games for their awesome support and acknowledgment that we're really onto something with this project. 

We are now more confident than ever that our upcoming release will clearly point the way for everyone to easily imagine the limitless creative possibilities that exist within a brand new genre: VR INTERACTIVE CINEMA.

A video trailer will be found on this page upon announcement!

To get an idea of how long we've been planning a VR game...the following is a screen capture of the 2013 Kickstarter campaign page for 2014's CONSORTIUM. Click on the image to visit the old campaign page...
This was promised on our Kickstarter campaign page for Consortium in 2013.