CONSORTIUM VR / Remastered Release Candidate 1

Release Notes (v0.1.45)

SPOILER ALERT! These release notes posts will often contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Many VR fixes, finishing touches, various critical fixes, major Steamdeck support improvements, VT levels finished and more. This is an early “release candidate”. All that remains: further testing, fixing bugs and important polish. 

We would love any and all gameplay feedback for the newly updated (possibly finished?) civilian defense VT scenarios. Major improvements to civilian AI! Hop into our Discord, post here or send us feedback via the in-game bug reporter.


-Setup controller image screens with labels for deck, xbox, oculus, and index. 

-Hooked up radar charts to the end game career record. 

-Split incapping beam sounds between incap and healing - healing now has a sound that is in sync with the time it takes to heal things.

-Adding impulse now from the CEAR laser so you can push people with it

-Radial damage is now properly calculated

-Friendly fire lock check has returned! Supports VR as well now.

-Fixed radial damage against shielded enemies not orientating the shield mesh in the right direction

-Finished/Fixed VT “Death Gauntlet” example level with built in editor - 10 soldiers and 6 civies total. Now with patrol nodes. Tuned and tweak for fun - I think it's a neat little "puzzle" level now. 

-Skin will now show gore if damaged by bullets fire

-Shock grenades now do way less stamina damage per blast - result is more instances of "enemies temporarily shocked" rather than straight to unconciousness.

-Frag grenades now do way more stamina damage and less health per blast - now, shielded combatants (even just 1 strommon shield) will still be alive after one frag grenade, BUT they will likely be knocked unconscious unless heavily shielded.

-Polished frag grenade and shock grenade explosion sound cues

-The player can now recycle grenades, but you have to be quick!

-Zenlil Core “broken” sound polish

-5 new lounge screens added to the rotation.

-improvements to the physics ragdoll bodies. Less spring when ragdolling them in different downed poses. It is pretty hard to fix overall because the animation forces the body to intersect the ground at several points and the physics engine trys to de-penetrate those bodies when ragdolled.

-VT Civilian Defense 2: New time based leaderboard score modifier calculated when level ends successfully. Score gets boost if the VIP is saved in 15 minutes or less. Largest boost: if completed in 50 seconds or under (can you do it?)

VR fixes and improvements:

-virtual desktop XR runtime support

-fixed missing controller icons for VR (tutorial video and message board)

-tutorial videos play with time dilation for VR and paused for non-VR. Pausing breaks so many things in VR unfortunately…

-disabling oculus OpenXR plugin in PC packages. This should fix the issues with running in steam. 

-ditched buggy HP mixed reality controller plugin… (note:  game still supports HP mixed reality headsets/controllers, this plugin has simply been deprecated).

-fixed controller button highlighting showing in VR mode

-fixed not being able to get back to the main menu in VR using Oculus Link through SteamVR

-VR controller text updates when you switch from left handed to right handed

-Bishop menu opens with the unused VR controller button

Missile Defense:

-Fighter bullets hit c3800 more often now, all three C3800 shield types are triggered more often now from incoming gunfire.

-Changed up kill numbers that relate to dynamic difficulty increases, changed "starting period" difficulty numbers for better initial pacing.

VT Civilian Defense 3:

-Now player exit is only up top and has the animated tall tower thingy

-Spawns mostly finished

-New center geometry - the power or computer core for the station once it becomes operational.

-More cover added in various spots, spawning times tuned and loadouts modifed for difficulty - it's definitely a fun/hard challenge now. Very hard to not lose civies.

-Loading animation polish

VT Civilian AI:

-Civilians will no longer try to move places when knocked down

-Soldiers will no longer target immobile civilians

-Civilians will now cower if shot while not running some place

-Civilians will no longer stop following the player if shot, unless they are knocked down or killed of course

-Civilians will no longer give up on hiding if they are spotted, but will try to move to better hiding spots if possible

-Civilians will no longer say scared lines about knocked down soldiers

-Civilians being attacked will ONLY run to a hiding spot if they aren't already following the player

-Will now not show civilian talk actions over their head IF the civie is immobile

-CEAR laser and bolts now do damage to vt civies.

Steamdeck / 100% controller mode:

-Can now cancel selection of drop down option via B button or whatever is bound to MenuDeSelect

-Hiding more PC glyphs when in steamdeck / big picture mode

-Online subsystem queries now all come from the cached gameinstance pointer instead of re-creating each call which spammed the console

-More fixes and improvements to difference between mouse/keyboard mode and pure controller mode

-Info console text field now controller focusable which will summon the virtual keyboard on steamdeck

-InputMode changes are now considiated into the game mode so it is always known when an input mode is active and when to show / hide the cursor if needed

-Fixed not being able to dismiss tutorials using controller

-Can now recycle using the trigger if PCU is full. Also fixes the crosshair icon not changing.

-Fixed flickering hotslots on steamdeck when using the gyro

-Setting resolution to steamdeck native on steamdeck and forcing fullscreen mode on steamdeck and big picture mode

-fixed xbox inverse face button colors and changed button glyphs to mock modern design


-Removed delay for changing the merc disposition after Kiril is downed

-Added more force to shotgun shell blasts

-Reduced itempiercingAmmo (KAR ammo) storage space from 35 to 10


-Oculus Leaderboards up and running for the Quest

-More improvements to showing world HUD ISS's. This change fixes some more cases of blipping ISS windows for talk anywhere convos and more VR cases. They should be all fixed now. ;)

-fixed another bug with mobile low clouds where they weren't horizon blending because of precision loss... This was supposed to be easy ;)

-fixed clouds script sometimes trying to reference the clouds sequence too early

-fixed lower scores overriding higher scores for the leaderboards

-CEAR bolt release events will no longer cause errors when the weapon has been dropped by the AI while bolts are being released

-fixed combat not starting when AIs disposition is changed not from being attacked

-fixed Kiril talking while dead or unconscious ("kill the bastard, kill him now")

-fixed issues with not being able to loot unconcious Kiril if he is gassed

-mostly fixed legacy iDGi-1 issues with the visual accuracy of Kiril being gassed in the brig (developing…)

-fixed bullet trajectory being affected by the invisible capsule used by the AIs. This would cause the players bullets to go in strange directions if the capsule was in the way of the players shots. Ragdoll AIs whose capsule was left around the world would cause this the most.

-fixed dazed AIs not firing at the player and improved the stagger applied to dazed AIs and improved the stagger of AIs shooting at the player while they are running fast.

-fixed AI relationship reverting mercs back to attacking the player while they are escaping because of a delay before attacking if you attacked kiril

-fixed all inventory weapons set to visible when respawning or dieing in the VT

-fixed VT active weapon not being destroyed when respawning, changing level, or dying in the VT

-fixed loading a VR save on 2D mode causing weapon bullet hit location to be calculated incorrectly

-fixed ammos not being combined in the PCU if PCU is full of utility

-fixed up multiple broken "Wade zapped by core" VO / SFX timings

-Now turning off the cockpit button (and changing cockpit skin) that shows K15 and Wade dancing just before the global check is made. Fixes issue of video apparently being ignored by Wade.

-R13 no longer faces p64 while walking away after cabin incident

-Updated iDGi-1’s accuracy state of the virtual window above the chessboard in Lounge, will now no longer be erroneous when it is not supposed to be.

-fixed pawn12 and pawn24 not being in the Barracks at the end if players never entered the med bay in Z2 and had the traitor fight.

-fixed rare bug where Pawn 1 could appear to be alive, but iDGi-1 thinks he is dead - the logic that kills him now properly disables the logic that triggers from saving him.

-Fixed some recyclables not being visible on Quest devices

-fixed draw distance on bishop 8 suit locker parts, culled from galley

VT Editor:

--Fixed editor windows sometimes getting overlapped because they get too large or falling off screen in 2D mode

--Fixed editor tools broken in VR in general...

--Fixed invisible floors blocking interaction traces in VR

Missile Defense: 

-fixed VT Missile Defense score spam issue - now properly lowers score by one point per missile that explodes into C3800

-fixed issue where the scenario would always be set to “easy” because of a missing "_" in the global name being checked when turning miningame on.

-fixed issue with overlapping and non repeating music

-fixed enemy fighters not firing missiles which was broken by very recent difficulty improvements

VT Civilian Defense 3:

-fixed not being able to get into wilconson ceiling

-fixed issues with respawning

-fixed issues that stemmed from a failed cast in the CivDef3 level blueprint, due to the wilconson level not having loaded yet

-fixed a whole bunch of missing collision in newly created level geo.

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