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Each of our games are quite different from each other, yet they are all connected via narrative threads. Our first VR game, CONSORTIUM VR is our most immersive and complete experience.  

Note: Consortium: THE TOWER supports importing “universes” from CONSORTIUM VR (or Remastered) to allow for narrative continuity and more.


VR Interactive Cinema


Step into the role of Consortium Bishop Six, a global peacekeeper in 2042. Use your own voice to forge friendships or rivalries with a diverse cast of characters. Dive into a VR Interactive Cinema experience: actively participate in a murder mystery thriller set on an airplane in the future. Every choice counts.

First person voice-driven interactive narrative


Embrace the role of Consortium Bishop Six, a global peacekeeper in 2042. Use your voice to interact and shape relationships, creating allies or adversaries among a rich cast of characters. Engage directly in a future-set murder mystery thriller aboard an airplane. Every choice counts.

An original action/sci-fi interactive novel

Whispers From The Rift

[IN DEVELOPMENT - Late Beta - v1.0 coming 2024]
n original action/sci-fi interactive novel with a unique 4th wall harnessing twist. ​15 years before the events of Consortium…enter the mind of a black-ops team leader heading up an impossible mission in the year 2028. Experience events as they happen in first-person and whisper commands that must be obeyed.

the tower

A hardcore sci-fi first-person role-playing immersive simulation

Consortium: THE TOWER

[IN DEVELOPMENT - Alpha. Roughly 50% completed. v1.0 ETA unknown]
Explore, talk, fight and/or sneak through The Churchill Tower in 2042! Play an active role in the ongoing narrative. Every choice counts.

An original UEFN (Fortnite) horror experience

Phantasma (UEFN)

ISLAND CODE: 8868-2928-0948

Team up with up to six adventurers in 2042 as you explore an ancient church that conceals a mysterious gateway to a secluded log cabin in the woods. Armed with investigative tools, search for clues of a haunting entity within the cabin. Caution is key; this entity is hostile. Identify it correctly or suffer dire consequences.


Established in 2006, Interdimensional Games Inc (iDGi) is a wholly independant R&D "boutique" video game studio. We're on a mission to push hard on the boundaries of first-person interactive narrative with an underlying moral and ethical compass. We make story driven first-person immersive simulations and believe in the future of voice driven VR interactive cinema.
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