CONSORTIUM VR / Remastered: Release Candidate 2

CONSORTIUM VR / Remastered: Release Candidate 2 

Release Notes (v0.1.46)

Still so many fixes and improvements to the complicated beast with a lot of moving parts that is CONSORTIUM VR / Remastered. 

There will be a Release Candidate 3.  There might not be a fourth.  ;-) 


-Improved dialog choice fading in and out 

-Added a loading plane if the game is taking a while to load levels during the connection sequence. Waits 5 seconds before bringing it up.

-Starting universe:  made the scaling of the sumerian symbols smooth instead of using delays, and no longer will that enlargening happen at the end

-can now close the bishop menu with the escape button

-Some key improvements to the mechanics of the traitor and the location indicator of every NPC on the alignment screen

-new audio syncing code from 4.27 merged into ToLife voice sequencer playback

-custom death strings for sucked out of plane, zenlil explodes, shocked in lower avionics, and suffocation in cabin

-universe description and date string added to career record export (for importing into THE TOWER)

-some tuning to the friendly lock check to improve cases in the traitor fight

-added brightness adjustment setting

-No longer playing turbulence jostles on the mercs. 

-R25 escorting petar into brig is now much more accurate

-improved naming for some characters, got rid of erroneous ":" in some descriptions of characters

-Shortened alignment cast job descriptions so none of them bleed over their box.

-moved floating ISS HUD up for VR

-Improved the VT tutorial to no longer do the PCU step, and cleaned up the other steps a bit more

-VT Civilian Defense 3:  Moved start position to bottom and removed bottom civie drop-box - now it’s about bringing them all the way up. Developing…

Information Console:

-New art and layout

-Improved the info console background

-Spaces are no longer accepted in searches and all searches are sanitized of punctuation internally. 

-Fixed articles which are already marked read not showing this by being dimmed when returning to the search results screen

-Added info console "what is this" screen

-Improved dialog choice fading in and out 

-Added a loading plane if the game is taking a while to load levels during the connection sequence. Waits 5 seconds before bringing it up.

-Starting universe:  made the scaling of the sumerian symbols smooth instead of using delays, and no longer will that enlargening happen at the end

-Breaking news edits

-Setup read article state toggling

-Search word font now matches font of search box characters

-real fix for info console image scaling ;) Uses the image size to know which scaling method is best.

Controller and SteamDeck:

-added missing space for extra steam deck bindings

-updated the xbox back and start buttons to be the new appearance for special left and right, not the old 360 one

-can now select click talk ISS options with the controller analog buttons

-No F keys show on ISS for controller mode

-added controller tutorial for the ISS using action hint events

-showing the first selectable option on the ISS by default when in controller mode

-More work on the cursor hiding saga. I am now forcing the cursor to be invisible when it shouldn't be shown.

-some text tweaking for steam deck requirement

Missile Defense:

-Better font on the manual weapons text

-EMP missiles: collision size now matches the actual missile size, and massively increased homing acceleration magnitude.

-F35 Explosion scale and particle system polish


-CEAR power boosted just a tad.

-changed button title for information board to "iDGi-1 Information Board" like the title of the info board

-removed redundant ZENLIL from location name on alignments

-improved crouch volume on battery crawl from hangar

-no more frag grenades in VT tutorial 2

-renamed VT tutorial 2 to COMBAT GEAR


-fixed inconsistent grenade firing for NPCs and got rid of some unneeded complexity in general

-fixed loading a 2D save in VR having a strong potential to have offset the player into a place they shouldn't be

-fix for source engine collision rep being at the VR players location in roomspace for a second before things are fixed causing triggers outside of the players actual location to be fired

-fixed the following achievements (Steam and Meta Quest): Mister UnCongeniality, Everyone’s a Fan! ,True Neutral,  Wirehead, You're so Strong

-fixed ending tunnel bounding box being reset....

-fixed camera jump at start of 2D game. Now the camera is properly set to the right height when starting a 2D game. Also, the height is slightly higher so the connection sequence is easier to see / more in the center

-fixed hangarbay canisters not being recyclable. 

-fixed lounge chess board chairs and drawers poping in and out when in globalops because of too short draw distance

-fix for recycling location on body, not from capsule

-fixed “wake up” news screen erroneously depicting Malcolm Thomas as the newscaster due to a very old iDGi-1 bug.

-fixed some missions not completing because of some old requirement I can't quite remember the purpose for

-fixed the chapter save firing again when loading a chapter

-Fixed VT combat 2 navmesh, spawning locations and loadouts improved, added charger,

-Fixed various issues with the traitor spawning incorrectly, not showing when they should, etc. 

-Fixed alignment widget so all text is plenty big and consistently scaled.  

-Can no longer get stuck in upper avionics if you head in before R25 heading to get yanko

-Can no longer get stuck in the cell with yanko if you go in before him

-Can no longer sneak past traitor if they confront you at your cabin

-Fixed pawn 32 getting teleported into upper avionics by a scripted sequence that was supposed to be set to R25

-Fixed traitor not ending up in the brig or in the barracks, depending on the circumstances

-Fixed teleporting R9 to chairs, not needed

-Fixed R25s appearing to still have her weapon equipped when she was done dealing with putting petar in the brig

-no longer slamming the VT booth item to index 0 after a level

Missile Defense: 

-fixed damage to zenlil from the player not entering the manual weapons in time not being applied to the minigame because it wasn't ready yet

-fixed being able to enter the minigame even tho zenlil was exploding from waiting around

-fixed explosion particles not showing sometimes when destroying fighter jets with the laser

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