CONSORTIUM VR / Remastered Release Candidate 3

Moaar major fixes and improvements. Major tutorial overhaul. Final touch music. Looking good for v1.0 dropping in t-minus 2 days...


-Two new pieces of music for climax bits

-Major overhaul to Bishop tutorial scenarios - there are now 3

-french localization

-updated german, french, spanish game translation to latest

-big iDGi-1 accuracy improvements to the merc stowaway sequence

-all pawns reporting to the barracks now when asked to.

-improved secondary attack tutorial in VT tutorial and added primary attack button action hints as well

-pressing bishop menu buttons in VR properly toggles the bishop menu now

-swapped jump and crouch stick buttons for VR so you can take running jumps

-VT panel will now change to the next scenario (page and widget) when the user finishes a whole set of levels of a scenario

-ensured all HUD elements like indicators and such get cleared when in quantum limbo

-added foley sounds for kiril falling to the ground and pawn 64 banging on the door.

-subtitles for the training levels

-basic hint tutorials for healing and repairing when the players health or armor is below 100%

-New massively improved soundscape for strafe attack

-Sparks after EMP attack now have sounds, especially the massive sparks that are on immediately after attack

-Seeker can now effectively skip the king convos now through dialog.

-extra checks for the friendly fire checker so it isn't so strict.

-fixed pawn 19 getting sucked out the airlock. Fixed player push directions for airlocks. Improved ragdoll magnets system for airlocks in general, now uses a handoff system so ragdolls are pulled through multiple force points, handing off from one to the next.

-added missing subtitle text to the script for group 118 (R25 angry while lying down).


-Removed outdated info console tutorial video (may re-visit this and add back in enough folks don’t understand the console)

-added mouse button icons to key lookup functions

-last quantum limbo the player is now 2x faster


-Fixed recently broken p1 not dying when he bled out (NON PROGRESSION)

-Various missing subtitles fixed

-fixed info console Vidal text not working well in wide resolutions

-bishop menu bumper tab select controller indicators are now hidden instead of collapsed so the screen doesn't shift when switching between control modes

-info console search field now de-focuses to allow re-focus to open the virtual keyboard if needed

-fixed controller navigation in performance tab breaking if some options are hidden

-fixed overlapping cmc talking that could happen after dealing with Kiril

-fixes around the elevator sometimes getting stuck, breaking, etc

-no more collision on connection cage for VT levels - fixes getting shoved out of VT levels

-fixed the wrong door being opened to let pawn 4 out of the barracks.

-fixed cast selector being cut off for certain resolutions. Adds a scrollbar now and setup for controller.

-fixed forcing an NPC out of a chair into another one immediately using EnterChairImmediately not fully taking them out of their previous chair and leaving them in a "stuck" state not able to leave the vehicle they are in ever again.

-fixed on load NPCs which you already took gear from showing as having more gear to take

-fixed virtual world chests (mission ops locker, CCU) contents counts not being saved

-fixed dual electrocutions of npcs in VR, not possible in 2D tho of course.

-fixed the directly of the npcs shield when electrocuting them with shields up

-fixed time dilation bugs in VR when in the bishop menu

-fixed the traitor taking a couple extra shots at you just before her body falls to the ground for blinking

-fixed oculus touch motion controllers sometimes getting an incorrect pitch applied to them. Need to check index and wand controllers for similar issues.

-made the border around controller bindings a bit bigger so there is less aliasing in VR

-fixed cases of NPCs getting stuck in crouch

-fixed NPCs jumping down from crouch areas like into the lounge

-fixed NPCs in crouch areas standing up when they shouldn't

-fix for pawn 1 floating up because of root motion collision and an off bug in the character movement component…

-fixed checkerboard material on one of the recharger skin indices

-fixed case where the civilian defense level was not unlocked for the player. 

-fixed being able to leave the VT booth while talking with traitor and just walk away... The blocker was turned off too early.

-fixed issue of being able to break the “boarding by force” event and even erroneously appear to let mercs into mission ops…

-fixed being able to suck the traitors empty suit or dead body out of airlocks which prevented you from getting the chip off the body

-Made the fence mesh in VT use complex collision so you can shoot through it. 

-Fixed all K15 chair bouncing in Queen convo. 

-Now turning off K15's idle anims the moment the player click talks her.

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