The Tower

THE TOWER Ear1y Acce2s ALPHA v1.12

Other than (potentially) one more patch, this will be the final build of Consortium: THE TOWER on Steam Early Access that uses the UE4.15 engine. The TOWER project at large has long since been moved up to UE4.27 to co-exist with CONSORTIUM VR/Remastered and now shares many heavily updated resources, such as choreo systems, user interface,  game mechanics, AI, a brand new save/load system and more. 

This updated UE4.27 version of Consortium: THE TOWER is not yet playable yet but when it is ready, it will be coming as “Alpha v2.0”. 

SPECIAL NOTE to all CONSORTIUM Remastered / VR players that are interested in continuing their story. We do not recommend proceeding too far past the rooftop of THE TOWER in general, if you do decide to buy and play right now. The roof is indicative of a finished part of the game, but everywhere is in various states of deep incompletion and bugginess.

ALPHA v1.12 of Consortium: THE TOWER fully supports importing Universes from CONSORTIUM VR / Remastered.  We also made a few other changes. Because it has been so long since we’ve updated this for you all, we have decided to open up more of what iDGi-1 has managed to map out of the Churchill Tower - seekers can theoretically get as far down as the parking garage now, though it is exceedingly cold and hazardous.

CAUTION:  The iDGi-1 signal strength is still very low for most of these new lower Tower areas (though we have forcibly filtered out the visual distortion so that it is possible to navigate these “proto-areas”). Only the most stalwart and determined seeker is invited to go down there…save spheres are rare.  

NOTE: Just in case, the old December 2019 build of Alpha 1.11 can still be accessed by opting into the “alphatest” Steam beta (no password required).


-Supports importing universes from CONSORTIUM VR / Remastered

-Updated Main Menu

-Fixed a bug that would cause the ISS system to be spammed with “Stop fighting” player dialog choices endlessly, preventing the player from saving their game.

-All on-screen HUD icons have been disabled for this build.  Reason: it is too cluttered, we think it’s better overall without and will instead be streamlining this system in Alpha 2.0.

-Never before seen office complexes and industrial areas around/above/below the C.T.P.F. can now be partially accessed.

-More water tunnels have been mapped out and can be accessed.

-The parking garage can now technically be reached, but be warned - iDGi-1 signal strength is exceedingly bad down there right now.

-Completely removed the functionality of the broken NewsWire panels for now until they have finished content.

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