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Whispers From The Rift

Enter the mind of a mission commander...

15 years before joining the Consortium and the events depicted in CONSORTIUM (C1) and Consortium: THE TOWER (C2), Robert Jenkins was put in charge of a small multinational team with a mission of utmost secrecy: infiltrate a secret facility deep in the mountains of Japan, and on behalf of the Japanese government take back control of one of the world’s last Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The rest of the team consists of a seasoned operative, a political functionary and sometimes spy, a mechanical engineer, and an electronics and surveillance specialist.

Become a voice in Jenkin’s head. Whisper commands, supplant thoughts and direct actions.

YOU decide if he lives or dies, succeeds or fails.

Robert Jenkins is not a character made of pixels that you can use and discard without applying a moral compass. He is a real person living his life in a parallel universe who is at first unaware of our presence in his mind. It may be your whim to toss his life to the winds, but as you read about his demise in text form, somewhere out there a real man bleeds to death in the dark...